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We specialise in promotion of indie games with smaller budgets. Our priorities are trust-based relationships and long-term cooperation. We are convinced, from our own experience, that this is a way to significant and sustainable success. We know what works and how to give your game a boost that it deserves!

Why us?

  • We are in it together. Satisfied, returning client is our utmost priority.
  • Every project is "tailor made" to achieve the best possible results.
  • Continuous mutual communication and sharing of ideas.
  • We have rich experiences in all stages of the gaming industry workflow. Based on that, we have drafted three basic promotion plans that literally make wonders.
  • Let us take care of the game boost. You can concentrate only on development.
  • We are now open to new clients! Are you interested in our effective boosting plans or want a personalised offer? See the details below and become our new pampered client!



  • Development of Game Trailer
  • Making of game's Header Image ArtWork
  • Making a game logo
  • Development of complete Press Kit
  • Setting up and optimising game's site on STEAM, Itch, Humble Bundle or other stores.
  • Press release: Announcement of game launch / update to 100+ recognised, influential and proof-tested game review sites

Mutual trust matters to us! Pay 50% now and the rest after plan completion.



  • Making 10 game's key ArtWork Images like Hero Capsule, Library Capsule, images for DLC's and other. 
  • Localisation of game's Press materials to other 2 languages  
  • Establishing of game's initial Social Media presence and content (FB, Twitter, Twitch, Discord). 
  • Press release to another 100+ recognised, influential and proof-tested game review sites.

Mutual trust matters to us! Pay 50% now and the rest after plan completion.



  • Establishing of GoogleAd focused campaign in duration of 1 month with 20K+ clicks (game site visits)
  • Maintaining social media presence (fresh feed every workday) for 3 months

Mutual trust matters to us! Pay 50% now and the rest after plan completion.

Let's start working together

  • Trust is essential. Because of that, you initially pay only 50% of the price and another 50% after the job is done. 
  • Fast delivery. Continuous monitoring and mutual communication.
  • If you have specific requirements, please contact us with the inquiry and we will get back to you with our offer immediately.
  • Are you not decided yet? Do you have any further particular questions? Please contact us via form below, send us an email, call us or we can set up a video conference. Let's get in touch by any way that is comfortable for you.
  • Are you in? You pay either via PayPal or Bank Transfer (we have seat in EU, account details on request). No credit cards.

Development and publishing

  • We also develop and publish our own games. Below, you will find overview of our successful projects, the we have published this year.
  • Games we have so far developed and published are well recognised by the players and broad audience. 
  • We are preparing a program for publishing selected indie games from interested developers. More information coming soon.


Visually advanced 2D side-scroller. You become young chilli samurai on the dangerous mission to save all the food tastes in the world, stolen by Repugnancers. Varied sword fights. Special chilli pepper weapons. Combos and tricks. Plenty enemy types.
Each chapter is inspired by real world locations, like e.g. Angkor Wat in Kambodia. We have decided to update the game every month and bring along new levels.


Classic 2D platformer using some advanced graphics. As Leonidas, namesake of the famous Spartan king, you were called in a dream by the ancient Oracle in it's cry for help. The Evil Phalanx robbed Oracle of its prophetic powers and tries to enslave all the people. You must restore all the stolen mythic items and fight back the usurpers. Along the way, you will learn a great deal about ancient Greek mythology. Each level is dedicated to certain of it's aspects. 

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